Frequently asked questions for Baton Rouge Limos

It's our goal to make sure you're comfortable doing business with us aren't going into the decision unsure of anything. Therefore, we've compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and our answers to them. If you don't see your question answered, just give us a call! Our agents are available 24 hours per day to help you with whatever you need, including answering your questions!

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on your limos and buses?
Yes. As long as everyone on your trip is over the legal drinking age, there are no problems with bringing alcoholic beverages onto the vehicles. That is a main perk of dealing with a full service luxury transportation provider. (Drivers cannot provide alcoholic beverages, however).
Is there a minimum amount of hours that I have to book, in order to make a reservation?
While it is customary in the limo business to have a minimum of six hours of booked time, there are exceptions to this rule when you deal with Baton Rouge Limos. We have special day-rates for weddings, different corporate packages, etc. Call us to find out what specials we have at the time when you wish to book - our specialty rate blocks are normally dependent upon season, day of the week, etc.
Are the passenger numbers on the vehicles the amount of people that would fit most comfortably?
That all depends on the people. We suggest that you get a vehicle that allows for slightly more passengers than you actually have because the amount of passengers that are listed in a vehicle's name and classification is based on DOT regulations of 14" of seating per person. We both know that that isn't a lot and we like for you to be as comfortable as possible so, we suggest say, a 22-passenger bus when you actually have 18 adults, etc.
Is there smoking allowed on the vehicles?
Per state laws, there is no smoking in our vehicles - this is also important in keeping the interiors of our vehicles in like-new condition at all times. For smokers - remember that you have unlimited stops & gas when you book with us so, you can stop and smoke as many times as you like!
What are your hours?
We are here to assist you and provide quality transportation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
Can children travel with us in the limo?
Absolutely, the only caveat being if anyone under 21 is on board then there can be no alcohol.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all major credit credit/debit cards, cash, "official" checks, and pre-approved checks drafted from a local bank. All deposits must be made with a valid credit card.
What's the catch? Where are the hidden fees?
We are well aware of the reputation that is prevalent in this industry, that is why we started this venture, we knew there was a market looking for professional, honest operators and we have been proven right. Any conceivable "catch" or "extra fee" is covered and explained in detail before you agree to anything, such as reservations are not refundable and if excessive damage is done to our vehicle by you or your party you can be charged an excessive clean up fee and/or be fully responsible for said damages. These charges are exceedingly rare as the vast majority of clients are respectful and courteous, but as you know people who treat other peoples property with no care of regard are usually the very same who will scream they are being treated unfairly and ripped off when held accountable for their own actions.
Can we change our itinerary after reserving?
Provided any changes are for the same date and times, absolutely. You just can't change the actual day or time of service. We try to work with out customers anyway we can but once you reserve we have to turn away other customers who want that vehicle during your agreed upon time of service so we can not permit changes like that. But during your rental period you can change your plans however you wish.
Do I have to tip the driver?
We believe any tip you are forced to pay is not a tip at all. Tips are entirely at your discretion. We will say the vast majority of customers do indeed choose to tip their driver at the end of their travels.
Do you have any special deals available at the present time?
Our pricing model is set up to always provide the best rates we possibly can based on fluctuating market calculations. However, if you are looking to bundle multiple events such as bachelor, bachelorette, and wedding rentals together we may be able to offer you a combined group rate.