Baton Rouge Limos Pricing Policies

We are committed to our clients, and part of making sure you have a great experience is offering affordable rates on vehicle rentals. We do our best to keep your rates down, despite our expansive fleet and the high quality of our service. In order to keep your prices as low as possible, we offer different rate packages that are based on day of the week, season, vehicle and other factors. This allows you to get a price that's as low as possible for the exact date and time you need service. Since everything is always changing, we don't put our prices on our site. We find it much easier to tell you the price over the phone so that you know you are getting the exact price.

We won't hide anything from you. You will be informed of all the potential charges when you call for your quote. We also don't add on charges right before your run starts, unlike some other companies. The only potential charges you may come across are either a cleaning fee for extensive cleaning or a damage fee from someone breaking something on the bus, but all of these policies and things that could result in such charges will be explained to you thoroughly.

When you call and ask us for pricing, we'll ask you for a couple of details, like date and time and size of vehicle, so we can determine what's available to fit your needs as well as how much it will cost. You'll know exactly what the cost is when you get this quote because we include it all in our prices! As mentioned above, there's no surprises!

We have attempted to give all of the information that we possibly can on this website but remember, if you have any questions whatsoever, call us day or night, any day of the week. We are also available via email if that is a better option for you. Contact us to inquire and we will work out the best price quote possible to suit YOUR individual needs!