Baton Rouge Limos Wedding Guide

Your Special Day

On a date of such importance we know that sooner or later you are going to find yourself completely stressed out as you're trying to make sure everything is accounted and planned for. The best piece of advice is to breath, the funny thing is people all too often take their wedding day far too seriously and end up producing a overly formal, stilted ceremony that leaves the guests sitting around waiting politely for far too long. But they are glad to do so, because they love you. And that is exactly what you will be well served to remember, your guests are a list of your nearest and dearest who are there to support and celebrate you. If something goes wrong it does not mean the wedding is ruined, it means you have an opportunity to ad-lib and bring a moment of levity to the proceedings.

Wedding Party Transportation

We at Baton Rouge Limos are skilled professionals that are more than capable of handling this aspect for you, it's what we do. We will go through your itinerary beat by beat to make sure we know exactly what your needs are and we will make sure they are fulfilled to your wishes. We will also be able to assist you in making sure the plan you have will work out as envisioned or if small tweaks need to be made to be able to account for any variables that could throw off the plans execution. We look forward to partnering with you to take this burden off your plate so you can focus on other aspects of your big day.

Reception Venues

The venue that you choose for your reception is one of the most important aspects of your wedding, it's where the majority of the event is going to take place and it's where most of the fun will be had. The biggest considerations of course are how many guests you need to accommodate and what your budget is. In addition to traditional wedding venues there are also plenty of more cost effective options that can be just as much if not more enjoyable. Many people choose to either rent out a nice pavilion at a nearby park for a more relaxed environment, going this route you can either have it catered or set it up as more of a pot luck, which can be a great way to keep those friends and family that are just a bit little too eager to help occupied.


This seems to be a job that friends love to volunteer for, but don't fall into that trap. Everything thinks they are a photographer, if Instagram has proven anything. But there are no reshoots for your wedding, you either capture the moment or it's gone forever. Professional photographers not only have all the equipment necessary to get the shot but also to capture the feeling of the room and convey it through their image. They also have the experience to know when and where the best opportunities for these iconic snapshots in time will occur.